Summer Course

ROTC Nursing students are required to attend the ROTC Cadet Leadership Course (CLC) and have the option to attend the Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP), a clinical and leadership internship at one of the Army’s Medical Centers. This training normally takes place during the summer between the junior and senior years in college. Benefits earned during CLC and NSTP include room and board, free travel, approximately $1,000 in pay and an incredible learning experience. You will arrive for your senior year in college better prepared than most of your peers. The Training Program is divided into two phases:

  • Phase I (CLC):  A month-long, paid training exercise focusing on basic military skills and leadership training conducted at Fort Knox. KY.

  • Phase II (NSTP):  A three-week, paid clinical experience in one of the Army’s Medical Centers, including Germany, Alaska, and Hawaii, where nurse cadets work one-on-one with an Army Corps officer in a specialty of their choice. Cadets have the opportunity to gain job experience and refine their leadership, clinical and administrative nursing skills. This experience is clinically focused and based on the preceptor model of teaching.