The benefits of Army nursing are limitless and provide an enriching experience that includes service to others and worldwide travel!

  • Commission as an officer in the United States Army
  • Choose to work at one of 37 medical facilities around the world
  • Preceptorship of 30-90 days, based on your needs
  • Receive a tax-free housing allowance (money to pay your rent or mortgage)
  • Free medical and dental care
  • Low-cost life insurance
  • 30 days paid vacation a year, plus 10 holidays
  • No malpractice insurance needed
  • Commissary and post-exchange shopping at considerable savings
  • Moving expenses paid
  • Positions available in clinical, administrative, and educational specialties in a variety of settings (you may even apply to be the White House Nurse)
  • Outstanding continuing education and advanced degree opportunities
  • Professional autonomy
  • Travel (free vacation flights around the world on space-available status)
  • Steady increases in pay and allowances (within 4 years, you will surpass most individuals in the civilian world
  • Regular progression in promotions and selection for positions of increasing responsibility
  • Maintain seniority as you change locations and jobs
  • Practice in an all-baccalaureate-degree-prepared Nurse Corps