Recent Happenings and Accomplishments

Recognitions and Awards

  • Brennyn Polachek (2nd year student) recognized as 2019 Graduate Student of the Year by the Virginia Academy of School Psychologists. 
  • Alex Munsey (Alumni) recognized as the 2016 Graduate Student of the Year by the Virginia Academy of School Psychologists. 

National Presentations/Posters (student names italicized):

  • Cruz, M. and Hale, B. (Mini-Skills, February, 2019).  Mindfulness-Based Supports: A Tool for Suicide Prevention and Intervention.  
  • Cruz, M., Dove, E. and Rich, C. (Mini-Skills, February, 2019).  Practitioners Guide to Implementing Mindful Parent Training in Schools.  
  • Mesmer, E., & Mesmer, H.A. (Paper Presentation, February, 2019). Utilizing Reading Assessment Results: Identification of Target Skills and Interventions.
  • Cruz, M. and Gardner, T. (Practitioner Conversation, February, 2018).  Managing the Impact of Suicide: Suicide Clusters, Contagion and the Media.
  • Mesmer, E., Jackson, C., and Bagnall, T. (Contributor) (Practitioner Conversation, February 2018). The Evolution and Practice of Curriculum-Based Assessment.
  • Mesmer, E., Mabry, J., Cruz, M. and Dove, E. (Mini-Skills, February, 2018).  Assessing SLD: Considerations for Data-Based and Ethical Decision Making.
  • Nickerson, A., Cook, E., Cruz, M. and Parks, T. (Poster, February, 2018).  PREPaRE School Crisis Training: What Predicts its Use in Practice?
  • Cruz, M. and Gardner, T. (Mini-Skills, February, 2018).  Now What? School Re-Entry Support Following a Suicide Attempt.

State and Regional Presentations:

  • Mesmer, E, & Mabry, J. (September, 2019). Ethical Practice of School Psychology and Case Study Scenarios. 
  • Mesmer, E., Caughron, J., & Rich, C. (September, 2019). A Preliminary Analysis of School Psychologists Job Descriptions. 
  • Cruz, M. & Dove, E. (October 2018).  Trauma Sensitive Schools. 
  • Cruz, M. (VDOE Aspiring Special Education Leadership Academy Panel, May 2018).  Leadership Live: The Journey after ASELA (Cohorts I – V).
  • Mabry, J. and Cruz, M. (November, 2017).  Ethical Practice in School Psychology: Addressing Practice Challenges.
  • Mesmer, E. and Dove, E. (November, 2017).  Ethical Practice in School Psychology: Addressing Practice Challenges. 
  • Cruz, M., Mabry, J., Mesmer, E. and Dove, E.  (September, 2017).  The SLD Evaluation Process: Following Best Practice through Use of RtI and PSW.

Recent Research Activity, Publications and Grants:

  • Mesmer, E. (accepted). Repeated Reading. Virginia Academy of School Psychology Newsletter.
  • Nickerson, A. B., Cook, E. E., Cruz, M. A., Parks, T. W., & Cummings, K. (2019). Transfer of School Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training, Knowledge, and Skills: Training, Trainee, and Work Environment Predictors. School Psychology Review, 48(3), 237–250.
  • Woitaszewski, S., Crepeau-Hobson, F., Conolly, C., & Cruz, M A., (2018). Rules, Requirements, and Resources for School-Based Threat Assessment: a Fifty State Analysis. Contemporary School Psychology (Springer Science & Business Media B.V.), 22(2), 125-134. doi:10.1007/s40688-017-0161-y.
  • Cruz, M. & Dove, E. (King Endowment Grant 2018-2019; Funding $13,500).  Mindfulness-Based Parent Training.