Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Training

Welcome to our Radford I/O Psychology Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Training page! This training was created for a group of Radford I/O Psychology graduate students in Fall 2020.

The following training is recommended for use by small to medium sized organizations and is free to use. We offer these materials as a service to organizations who:

1) May not know where to begin when it comes to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion issues

2) May not have the resources to develop their own training materials

3) May simply have an interest in learning more about Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.

We are excited to get you started on the path to bettering your understanding of DEI.

We have broken this training down into 3 main modules that each have a facilitator guide and quiz and/or discussion that accompany it. In addition, there is a module for upper/middle management and a set of assessments that can accompany this training.

1) Manager module: This module is meant for middle/upper management and is intended to acclimate these parties to the overall training program.

2) Assessment: The assessments can be used before the training, after the training, or both. There are two assessments, along with instructions for use in powerpoint form and within the excel spreadsheets. These spreadsheets can assess aspects related to DEI  as a snapshot at one point in time or as a pre-post test of the DEI training.  There are two different workbooks for assessment, the Cultural Intelligence and Diversity assessments. Each have detailed instructions with interpretations to follow on the workbook.

3) Module 1: Module 1 is intended to provide the audience with an overview of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, an explanation of what DEI training is and why it’s important, definitions of common terms used in DEI training, an outline of common myths associated with DEI training, the goals of DEI training, and a conclusion section that summarizes the content. We have also provided a quiz that allows for audience engagement and reinforces some important points from the module.  

4) Module 2: Module 2 is intended to provide the audience with an overview of self-awareness and its importance in the workplace, explanations of biases commonly found in the workplace and their effects on an organization, actionable steps to prevent bias, and both the individual and organizational level benefits of bias awareness.

5: Module 3: Module 3 is intended to provide the audience with a list of best practices for DEI training, an overview of the benefits gained from these best practices, and the overall value a workplace can gain from applying these best practices.

Below you will find clickable links to the individual modules this training is broken into.

Manager Module:

Manager Facilitator Guide

Manger Module Slides

Manager Module Training Video


Assessment Guide

Cultural Intelligence Assessment

Diversity Assessment


Module 1 (Introduction):

Module 1 Facilitator Guide

Module 1 Module Slides

Module 1 Training Video

Module 1 Quiz

Module 2 (Approaching Self-Development):

Module 2 Facilitator Guide

Module 2 Module Slides

Module 2 Training Video

Module 2 Quiz

Module 3 (Best Practices):

Module 3 Facilitator Guide

Module 3 Module Slides

Module 3 Training Video