Master's in Industrial and Organizational Psychology


I/O Psychology is the application of basic psychological principles to the workplace.  It improves both the effectiveness of organizations and the quality of work life of employees.  Radford University’s Industrial Organizational Psychology Program offers a two year terminal master’s degree using a “practitioner-scholar model” that prepares students for a variety of career paths.  Graduates readily attain positions as consultants, directors, managers, human resource specialists, human resource generalists, test developers, risk analysts, trainers, and organization development specialists, often progressing to upper management and executive levels.  Alternatively, students may choose to conduct a thesis (the MA option) in addition to the required courses to pursue further graduate study.

The methodological core of our program requires coursework in statistics, methodology and psychometrics.  The knowledge and skills learned in them are integrated throughout focal I/O courses which cover the topics of job analysis, selection, performance management/appraisal, training, employment law, organizational socialization, attitudes, motivation, team-building, leadership, culture, organization development techniques and a variety of productive and counterproductive work behaviors.  Most importantly, each of the six I/O courses involves a client-based project with a local organization.  You don’t just learn up-to-date knowledge of the field; you practice it.  These projects, along with an internship requirement, are distinctive of our 37 credit-hour program (nine credits for each of four terms, plus one summer credit for internship.). 

We require students who choose to apply to our program to want to learn in a collegial and team-based atmosphere.  As such, it is a traditional day program and you progress through it with a cohort of approximately 12 peers.  Although the university offers merit-based partial assistantships to more than half of the students, the work required to succeed academically amounts to holding a full-time job.  Class sizes are small and you will enjoy a non-competitive and highly collaborative experience with your peers and professors both in and out of class.  Further, RU is nestled in the scenic foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in southwestern Virginia and offers an abundance of outdoor activities.