2012 Cohort

Stirling Barfield [sbarfield3@radford.edu] relocated to Virginia from Florida where she received a Master’s in Speech Language Pathology (SLP) and a second Masters in Clinical Social Work from Florida State University. After practicing as a licensed SLP and subsequently as a mental health clinician, she returned to the university setting to pursue a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology. Barfield recently traveled to conduct research in South Africa; where she spent time doing program evaluation and collecting data on resilience and psychosocial support in a faith-based NGO called Resilient Kids. While Barfield serves as the current team leader for the SPIRIT team, which is studying resilience and psychosocial support from an adult perspective, she is additionally researching resilience and psychosocial support from the child’s perspective as part of her doctoral dissertation. Barfield is passionate about exploring individual and community resilience, which she believes is foundational to the healing that therapy can bring. Barfield is serving as the current Psy D Student Organization President and, in her free time enjoys cooking,  spending time with her dogs, and the creative arts.