Research Opportunities

During the first year in our program, all students are assigned a faculty research mentor and are enrolled in Psy 697: Applied Training in Psychological Research. The goal of this course is for students to be actively involved in a faculty member’s program of research where the student will receive hands-on research experience while being mentored by a member of the faculty. The content will vary depending on the topic and faculty member by whom students are mentored. Experiences may include, but are not limited to, traditional laboratory-based research, quasi-experimental studies, and applied research conducted in the community. This applied training is meant to supplement the traditional classroom-based research courses which are also completed during the first year in the program (Psyc 610: Analysis of Behavioral Data and Psyc 611 Methodology and Program Evaluation in Psychology).

During the second year in our program, students have the option of completing a thesis. Those who opt to complete the thesis will earn the MA degree (46 credit hours) while those who do not will earn the MS degree (40 credit hours). The thesis provides students with the opportunity to conduct an independent research project.

Finally, students who wish to continue involvement in research but who do not want to complete a thesis also have the option of taking Psyc 698: Directed Study, where they can work individually with a faculty member on a topic of mutual interest.

Please refer to the link for Current Students to see the research activities in which our students are involved.

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