Internship Opportunities

The Professional Internship is the capstone applied course in the Clinical-Counseling Program.

During this two-semester internship, which is completed during the second year, students integrate and apply their academic training and prior counseling experiences. Depending on students’ interests and internship site availability, placements can take place in a wide variety of settings with a wide variety of populations. Some of the most common settings include regional community services boards, private psychiatric hospitals, substance abuse facilities, crisis stabilization facilities, correctional facilities, women’s resource centers, a state hospital, or a neurological rehabilitation center. While some students select an internship placement which will expose them to a broad range of clients with diverse sets of problems, others opt to work with more specialized target populations including individuals who are children and adolescents, university students, geriatric, substance-abusing, brain injured, and individuals with chronic and severe mental illness. 

Please refer to the link for “Current Students” to see the internship settings where our students are currently working.

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