Dr. Hilary Lips Publishes in the Journal of Sex Roles


Dr. Hilary Lips, Psychology professor and Director of the Center for Gender Studies here at Radford University, recently had two articles published in Sex Roles, a journal of research that takes a feminist perspective on many aspects of sociological and psychological topics and brings to light the gender differences that occur.  Dr. Lips’ first article, “The Gender Pay Gap: Challenging the Rationalizations. Perceived Equity, Discrimination, and the Limits of Human Capital Models” is featured as the primary article for a special section of the journal issue focusing on the gender pay gap.  Her second article in Sex Roles, “Acknowledging Discrimination as a Key to the Gender Pay Gap”, is a rejoinder to several commentaries on that first article.  Dr. Lips has published numerous articles in the past and has written several books dealing with gender studies as well.  She is currently on sabbatical this semester, but will resume her position as Chair of the Psychology Department when she returns in the fall. 

Feb 22, 2013
Jeff Aspelmeier