Dr. Hilary Lips Publishes Book, Gender: The Basics


Dr. Hilary Lips, Psychology professor and Director of the Center for Gender Studies at Radford University, recently finished her book, Gender: The Basics, and it is now in press. Gender: The Basics is an engaging introduction which encourages the reader to pay attention to the impact of cultural, historical, biological, psychological and economic forces on the qualities which have come to be defined as masculine or feminine in particular contexts. Highlighting that there is far more to gender than biological sex, it takes a global perspective to examine the interaction between gender and topics including:

  • Relationships, intimacy and concepts of sexuality
  • The workplace and labour markets
  • Gender related violence and war
  • Public health, poverty and development
  • The ageing process

Supporting theory with a wide range of examples, suggestions for further reading and a detailed glossary, this text is an essential read for anyone approaching the study of gender for the first time.

May 23, 2013
Jeff Aspelmeier
(540) 831-5387