Psychology Students win Research Presentation Award


Psychology Students win best poster at the Graduate Student Award Competition at the 21st Annual International Conference on Comparative Cognition

            On the week of March 25 – 29th, three students from the psychology department at Radford University traveled to Melbourne Beach in Florida for the 21st Annual International Conference on Comparative Cognition. The students that attended this conference were Chris Hartless (Experimental Psychology Graduate Student) and Amanda Adams (Clinical Psychology Graduate Student) who were supported by the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences and the Graduate College, as well as Micaela Davidow (Psychology Undergraduate Student) who was supported by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship. The poster they presented at the convention, “Can early malnutrition explain the spatial deficit in adult rats following perinatal exposure to cannabinoids?” By C.B. Hartless, S.P. Casazza, A.G. Adams, M.A. Curry, M.L. Davidow, & P.A. Jackson, earned them the award of having the best poster at the conference for the Graduate Student Award Competition. Congratulations to these students on their hard work and for representing Radford University Psychology in such a great way!

Apr 21, 2014
Jeff Aspelmeier