Undergraduate Change/Declaration of Major/Minor Form

If you are changing your major to Psychology or adding Psychology as a second Major or as a  minor, please complete this form and email it to

- Be sure to list the major or minor name as Psychology

- Psychology does not have concentrations, so list the concentration as NA.

- Be sure to look up your catalog year on your degree audit and list the correct catalog year on this form

- Be sure to check whether you want a BA or BS. Bachelors of Arts will require at least 6 additional hours of a foreign language. Bachelors of Science will require at least 6 additional hours of MATH, STAT, ITEC, BIOL, CHEM, PHYS, GEOL, PHSC & from the physical science division of GEOG.

Psychology Course Override Request Form

To obtain an override for classes that are full or that have other restrictions (pre-requisits, instructor permission, or campus restrictions), complete the electronic override form and email it to

Note: you will need a separate form for each class for which you are requesting an override.

Psychology Major Graduation Application Form

This form should be completed by all psychology majors at the beginning of the semester preceding the semester in which they anticipate graduating (Spring or Summer Graduation - Due at beginning of Fall Semester; Fall Graduation - Due at beginning of Spring Semester). 

Please complete this form, and submit it to your Advisor within the Psychology Department.

If you are a Double Major, you must complete this form, even if you have completed a similar process for your other major.

Further, remember that there is a brief Online Graduation Form that you must complete as well. Directions for accessing and completing this form can be found on the Psychology Major Graduation Form.