International Studies Minor


International Studies is a multidisciplinary minor designed to complement any major by adding international perspectives and competencies to any chosen field of specialization. It provides a broad appreciation of contemporary global issues such as war and terrorism, human rights, refugees and migration, international trade, and climate change. Students will take two International Studies core courses and choose electives from three areas of study: (1) politics and economics; (2) geography, history, and the environment; and (3) society, culture, foreign languages and literatures. Through these learning experiences, students acquire important skills and knowledge to prepare them success in future careers and a life of active world citizenship in our globalized society.

International Studies and REAL

The International Studies minor is designated “E and A” in the REAL Curriculum. It is an engaging and practice-oriented program. This interdisciplinary minor is designed to fit any major and may interest student who might need to cover the A and L areas. The minor prepares students for careers and international assignments in a globalized economy and for work and travel across cultures as active world citizens. It helps to broaden the horizons and perspectives of science and arts students, and the aspiring nurses and teachers alike. E.g. A student who majors in Biology, Physics, or Chemistry (R and L) and chooses a minor in International Studies (E and A) will learn about international implications of scientific phenomena and processes; like zoonotic diseases, electric vehicles, and gene editing.


Requirements for the Minor in International Studies total 18 semester hours, click here for the course listing to complete the minor.