Poli Sci Days

Event Schedule

Monday, February 11:

10-10:50am          CAREERS:  Understanding and Selling Your Skills after Radford     HETH 014
Dr. Paige Tan, Political Science Department

11-11:50am         RESEARCH: World Poverty and Sweatshops                                 HETH 014
Dr. Tay Keong Tan and Ms. Rachel Sharrett (Faculty-Student Presentation)     

12-12:50pm         RESEARCH: Artificial Intelligence and Humanity’s Future                 HETH 014
Dr. Tay Keong Tan and Mr. Gabriel Bennett (Faculty-Student Presentation)

1-1:50pm             DOMESTIC POLITICS: The State of Partisanship in America Today  HETH 014
Dr. Daniel Reed, Political Science Department

2-2:50pm             CAREERS/LAW: Pre-Law Advising Session                                    HETH 014
Dr. Luke Hunt, Professor of Criminal Justice and Radford Pre-Law Advisor

3-3:50pm             CAREERS: What Can I Do with a Political Science Degree?            HETH 014
Dr. John Liptak, Radford Center for Career and Talent Development

4-5:15pm             INTERNATIONAL: Inequality around the World                            HETH 014
Professor Johannes Grow, Political Science Department  


Tuesday, February 12:

9:30-10:45am      CAREERS: Searching for Your Dream Job and Targeting Your Resume HETH 014
Dr. Paige Tan, Political Science Department

11-12:15pm         INTERNATIONAL: Markets in Turmoil                                        HETH 014
(**This session is limited to 30 students)
Dr. Alana Romanella, Political Science Department

11-12:15pm         INTERNATIONAL: Documentary: North Korea’s Deadly Dictator   HETH 043
Dr. Paige Tan, Political Science Department

12:30-1:45pm      RESEARCH: Disasters and Recovery: Hurricane Maria               HETH 014
Dr. Tanya Corbin, Professor and Chair, Political Science Department

12:30-1:45pm      CAREERS: Central Intelligence Agency                                       HETH 043
Ms. Kathy, Radford Alum and CIA Hiring Advisor

2-3:15pm             INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH: Inequality and Urban Violence:   HETH 014
an International Perspective
Guest Speaker hosted by Dr. Iuliia Hoban, Political Science Department

2-3:15pm             DOMESTIC POLITICS: Documentary: Virginia 12th from Now This  HETH 043                                        
Dr. Paige Tan, Political Science Department

3:30-4:45pm        CAREERS: Careers in Public Administration                               HETH 014
Dr. Reginald Shareef, Political Science Department

3:30-4:45pm        INTERNATIONAL: China’s Foreign Policy                                     HETH 043
Dr. Paige Tan, Political Science Department


Detailed Event Information

Monday, February 11:


10-10:50am CAREERS: Understanding and Selling Your Skills after Radford                           Heth 014


In this session, Dr. Paige Tan will guide students in understanding the knowledge and skills they are acquiring at Radford and how to sell those to potential employers.  She will also share resources to learn more about career development.

11-11:50am RESEARCH: World Poverty and Sweatshops                                                             Heth 014

What is the status of extreme poverty in the world today?  What is it like to live like the poorest of the poor in Third World societies?  How do some of the poorest people cope with their plight and attempt to escape destitution?  Based on recent research done for an open-source United Nations Anti-Poverty Toolkit, Dr. Tay Keong Tan will give us a glimpse of global poverty-related issues. Political Science major Ms. Rachel Sharrett will share the findings of her Honors thesis research on the phenomenon of sweatshops and the millions of the poorest women and children who are caught in the trap of working for very low wages for long hours and under the worst conditions. 


12-12:50pm  RESEARCH: Artificial Intelligence and Humanity’s Future                                           Heth 014


Jointly presented by Dr. Tay Keong Tan and Political Science major Mr. Gabriel Bennett, this interactive session brings you a glimpse of the future of human society with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI).  In the brave new world of the near future, robotics, machine learning, cloud computing and big data will disrupt many industries and professions, and revolutionize our societies and personal lives.  What is AI’s impact on work and the job market?  Will AI give us a utopian world or portend Armageddon for humanity?  This session dives into the controversies and conflicting views, exposing the truths and myths on this subject.

1-1:50pm DOMESTIC POLITICS: The State of Partisanship in America Today                Heth 014

Please join us for a roundtable discussion of the state of partisanship in America today. We will discuss current political divisions in the United States, as well as what that means for the future of American politics.  Hosted by Department of Political Science professor Dr. Daniel Reed.

2-2:50pm CAREERS/LAW: Pre-Law Advising Session: The Nuts and Bolts of Law School and the Law School Application Process                                                                                                                                                           Heth 014

Should you go to law school?  What is law school like?  Do you have to be a brilliant legal scholar?  How do you apply?  Will you get rich being a lawyer?  What are some reasons not to go to law school?  Join Radford's Prelaw Advisor and Professor in the Criminal Justice Department, Dr. Luke William Hunt, for a discussion of these and other questions about the law school experience and the law school application process.

3-3:50pm CAREERS: What Can I Do with a Political Science Major?                                          Heth 014

One of the first questions that the majority of students ask after they have chosen political science as their major is, “now what can I do with a Political Science major?”  The answer I usually provide is “students who major in political science develop skills that are valued by employers including research, analysis, writing, oral presentation, critical thinking, synthesis, and problem solving.  Students may find employment in business, government, nonprofits, social services, and educational institutions depending on their skills and experience.”  But how do you know what the specific jobs are within each category, or which jobs fit your interests, skills and values?  In this session, Dr. John Liptak, career advisor for students in the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences, helps students complete the Political Science Scale to assess their interests in ten Political Science specializations, identify specific occupations related to their interests, and explore suggestions for being successful in each specialization.  

4-5:15pm INTERNATIONAL: Inequality around the World                                                           Heth 014

Is inequality a problem?  Is rising inequality within countries a potential challenge for us in the future?  Can inequality in one country be compared to another?  In order to begin to address some of this issue, we will watch the first part of Deutsche Welle’s Inequality-How Wealth Becomes Power.  This short documentary examines rising economic inequality in Germany.  After watching the documentary, we will discuss how the problems illustrated in this documentary reflect economic and political inequality in the United States.



Tuesday, February 12:


9:30-10:45am  CAREERS: Searching for Your Dream Job and Targeting Your Resume  Heth 014

Join Dr. Paige Tan to get the basics on job search and tailoring your resume to put your best foot forward. We’ll also talk about how to write an effective cover letter.

11-12:15pm INTERNATIONAL: Markets in Turmoil                                                                          Heth 014

Hosted by Professor Alana Romanella. **This session is limited to 30 students.

Have you ever been interested in how countries trade, how markets work, and/or the growth potential of a country based on its resources?  Come with your imagination!  In this interactive trading game, you will work with teams to trade goods between countries.  You will be creative in how you trade and what you "build or create" with your final goods.  We will have a short discussion following the game to discuss your challenges and successes and what they mean for trade and markets overall.

11-12:15pm INTERNATIONAL Documentary: Frontline: North Korea’s Deadly Dictator            Heth 043

This excellent documentary from 2017 takes on North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, particularly focusing on what’s known of his upbringing and his rise to power.  The video examines the murder of his half brother Kim Jong Nam as an important step in his consolidation in power.  We’ll watch the documentary and discuss prospects for a US-North Korea deal on denuclearization.  This session is hosted by Dr. Paige Tan of the Political Science Department.


12:30-1:45pm  RESEARCH: Disasters and Public Policy                                                                   Heth 014

Join professor and POSC department chair Dr. Tanya Corbin to view the documentary Blackout in Puerto Rico, about “the humanitarian and economic crisis in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, examining how the federal response, Wall Street and years of neglect have left the island struggling to survive.”  After the film, we will use the case of Puerto Rico and Hurricane Maria to discuss ways in which political marginalization and social vulnerability collide to increase disaster impacts on vulnerable populations and the governmental role in disaster response and recovery.


12:30-1:45pm CAREERS: Central Intelligence Agency                                                                    Heth 043

Please join Ms. Kathy, a Radford alum who is now a CIA Hiring Advisor, to learn about getting hired by and working for the Central Intelligence Agency.  Ms. Kathy will talk both about internships (freshmen and sophomores may apply) and permanent jobs.

2:00-3:15pm RESEARCH: Inequality and Urban Violence: An International Perspective       Heth 014

Join Dr. Iuliia Hoban as she hosts a talk by Dr. Alejandro Gimenez-Santana, Deputy Director of the Rutgers Center on Public Security and Program Manager at the Newark Public Safety Collaborative.  Dr. Gimenez-Santana’s research explores the intersection of crime and inequality from a global perspective.

2:00-3:15pm DOMESTIC POLITICS: Documentary: Virginia 12th from Now This                        Heth 043

Join Dr. Paige Tan to watch this documentary on the 2017 election of Radford’s current delegate to the Virginia House of Delegates, Mr. Chris Hurst.  Radford, and Radford POSC students in particular, were extremely active in the campaign.  We’ll be joined remotely at the end of the video by Ms. Andie Eichelbaum, one of the volunteers from 2017.

3:30-4:45pm CAREERS: Careers in Public Administration                                                              Heth 014

Join Dr. Reginald Shareef, Professor of Political Science, as he chats with a successful alum working in the field of public administration.  Ms. Kelsey Lewis is the American Cancer Society Program Manager of Mission Delivery for the state of Kentucky.  She oversees the programs and services provided to patients across the state and is focused on helping decrease barriers to cancer treatment, with an emphasis on lodging and transportation initiatives.  Lewis has been with the American Cancer Society for five years, starting her career working with Relay for Life events in Northern Kentucky and transitioning into her current position about two years ago. She received her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Radford University and her Masters of Public Administration from the University of Kentucky.  Lewis is originally from Frankfort, KY and currently resides in Lexington KY.

3:30-4:45pm INTERNATIONAL: China’s Foreign Policy                                                                    Heth 043

Join Dr. Paige Tan, Professor of Political Science, for an exploration of Chinese foreign policy.  We’ll look at China’s quest to regain its central role in world affairs.  We’ll update China’s foreign policy to today with a look at what President Xi Jinping is trying to achieve.  We’ll conclude by considering how/whether China presents a threat to the United States and how a world with China as a superpower is going to look different from the old world.