You go into [philosophy] to pursure your intellectual passion, and it just so happens as a byproduct that you emerge as a desired commodity for industry.

David Horowitz, entrepreneur

It seems almost too good to be true, but philosophy is the major that allows you to explore life’s toughest questions while acquiring some of the most desirable traits sought by employers. Here’s why. As a philosophy major you learn skills in critical thinking, written and verbal communication, moral and ethical reasoning and will learn how to analyze and understand arguments better that just about any other major. Because of these traits, more and more employers seek philosophy majors. Additionally, philosophy majors promote faster in the workplace.



After nearly 20 years in law teaching, I can confirm that no one is smarter than the serious undergraduate philosophy major.

Brian Leiter, University of Chicago

The philosophy concentration in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies is a 30-credit major, making it ideal as both a stand-alone or double major. Students can take courses in ethical reasoning, critical thinking, professional ethics, knowledge and reality, philosophy of law, and many more topics. There is even a course on philosophy in the movies! We also offer 18-credit minors in philosophy and ethics.


Student Testimonials

“The greatest benefit of being a philosophy major are the skills you gain in writing, structuring arguments properly, and learning how to evaluate complex philosophical language.” ­—Parker Brackin

“I am more prepared for the global world that we now live in and can work with and understand people from various backgrounds different from my own.” —Brandon Dunford

“Through my studies, I have gained exposure to a plethora of different perspectives. I have strengthened my ability to analyze, critique, and form well-reasoned arguments.” —Greg Capps


Where Are They Now?

Philosophy majors find their way into all career fields. Not only that, philosophy majors outscore other majors on the LSA, GRE, and GMAT. Philosophy majors are also among the highest mid-career earners. Our former majors hold many different types of jobs, including: bioethics program director, project manager, teacher, psychologist, and marketing coordinator.



Our philosophy faculty come from diverse backgrounds, have diverse interests, and are internationally recognized in their areas of specialization. Dr. Glen Martin is global democracy. Dr. Guy Axtell is a widely recognized expert on virtue theory and objectivity, and Dr. Gilburt Goffstein loves talking about critical theory. Despite their specializations, they all enjoy teaching introductory courses in philosophy.