Pamela Mullins

Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy
CHBS 4203

M.A., University of London

I hold a Masters degree in Cultural Studies from the University of London, and have studied in two Ph.d. programs including the philosophy program at the University of Kentucky. I was trained in continental philosophy and women's studies at DePaul University in Chicago where I earned my BA in both disciplines.

Teaching Interests: Ontology, Existentialism, Post-Colonial studies, Ethics, philosophy of race, political and social philosophy, postmodern philosophy and ethics.

Research Interests: I have written a book which is under consideration for publication with a division of Rutledge - Black Skin Black Masks in which I examine racial identity in the United States at the turn of the 19th century via collectors, museum collections and display of sub-Saharan African objects and two men who first brought these objects into the United States at the turn of 19th Century. Also, I have published three articles in academic journals and presented various my research at national and international conferences.