Michael Zarella

Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy

Mr. Michael Zarella

Hemphill Hall 4126

M.A., Virginia Tech

Biographical Statement

I teach a variety of philosophy courses face-to-face and online. In each of my courses, I present philosophy as a method for thinking carefully about topics central to understanding ourselves and the world. Since philosophy is a method rather than a subject matter of its own, I also present philosophy as an interdisciplinary activity. The specific practices of philosophy include analysis of language, logical argumentation, Socratic dialogue, and thought experiments. We practice philosophy together in the classroom and online, and students complete short writing assignments designed to help them think through their views on the topics explored in the course.

Mr. Zarella is the 2018–2019 recipient of the department's Gilburt Goffstein Award for Teaching Excellence.

Courses Offered

  • PHIL 111: Knowledge & Reality
  • PHIL 112: Ethics & Society
  • PHIL 201: Medieval & Renaissance philosophy
  • PHIL 340: Symbolic Logic
  • PHIL 380: Aesthetics