Dr. Katy Shepard

Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy

Hemphill HallĀ 4024

Ph.D., ASPECT Program, Virginia Tech

Katy Shepard

As both a philosopher and practicing artist, Dr. Shepard's current research focuses on the role of the 21st-century artist in building identity and liberation. Previous research and continued interests include: gender and identity, ethics in art, environmental ethics, and broadly, identity and injustice via the "self v. other" dilemma.

Some fun new side projects Shepard is beginning to explore include: Does a "perfect" or "imperfect" God provide more utility to humans? How have our ethics been (and continue to be) transformed by the Marvel Universe? What can we learn from dogs about "the good life"?

At Radford, Shepard teaches Knowledge, Reality, & the Human Condition, Ethics & Society (taught from a Global Ethics perspective), Foundations in Ethics, Aesthetics and other Philosophy of Art related courses. (Shepard has also taught a variety of studio arts courses, which incorporate philosophical explorations, at other universities and through private schools.)

Her teaching style relies heavily on encouraging students to apply philosophical content to issues (both personal and societal) relevant and engaging to them. Her hope is to instill in her students the utility of philosophical thinking in their everyday and workday lives regardless of their career endeavors.