Dr. Glen Martin

Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Glen Martin

CHBS 4211



Research interests: My research and scholarly interests (and passions) continue in the same path that was articulated in my 2005 book Millennium Dawn: The Philosophy of Planetary Crisis and Human Liberation. These interests involve the problem of the transformation of human existence from planetary immaturity and our present suicidal behavior to planetary maturity under rational economic, political, and spiritual principles. This transformative philosophical anthropology has been further developed in many articles since 2005 and in the following books:

  • Ascent to Freedom: Practical and Philosophical Foundations of Democratic World Law (2008) 
  • Triumph of Civilization: Democracy, Nonviolence, and the Piloting of Spaceship Earth (2010) 
  • The Earth Federation Movement: Founding a Social Contract for the People of Earth. History, Vision, Documents (2011) 
  • The Anatomy of a Sustainable World. Our Choice between Climate Change and System Change: And How You Can Make a Difference (2013) 
  • One World Renaissance. Holistic Planetary Transformation through a Global Social Contract (2016) 
  • Global Democracy and Human Self-Transcendence. The Power of the Future for Planetary Transformation (2018)

These principles also shape my philosophy of teaching and education.

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