COVID-19 Office Protocols

As part of Radford University's safe and healthy operations plan, the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies (PHRE) has implemented protocols for visiting our offices that will help students, staff, and visitors remain safe during in-person operations.

Visiting the PHRE Office


PHRE's offices are located in the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences building, floor 4, suite 4202 (one level above the main building entry from the central quad).

When visiting the PHRE offices, please enter the suite through the glass-paned door at the front of the suite. From reception, traffic should move in one direction through the corridor, exiting at the suite's solid-wood rear door. This pattern of movement will minimize passing contact through the suite's narrow hallway.

The diagram at right indicates the proper direction of movement through the PHRE office suite. Signs are posted at points of entry and exit and throughout the suite. Please observe all posted instructions.

Meetings and Shared Spaces

Faculty members will hold the majority of office hours in electronic format, either through videoconference, online chat, or telephone. Where a face-to-face meeting is required in the office suite, an appointment should be scheduled in advance by contacting faculty or staff members direclty.

Meetings should occur in the enclosed space of an individual office, and safe distance should be maintained during the meeting, with all attendees wearing face coverings.

Faculty and staff who must share work space should coordinate occupancy with office mates so as to minimize physical contact. When co-occupancy is necessary, safe distance should be maintained and all occupants should wear face coverings.

Single-occupant offices do not require wearing of face coverings when unaccompanied by a visitor. 

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