Years of Service

CHBS wishes to congratulate the faculty and staff who were honored yesterday for their years of service. Thanks so much to one and all for your dedicated service to CHBS and to RU!

Celebrating 30-years of service:

Jack Call
Lou Gallo
Rosemary Guruswamy
Glen Martin
Jeff Saperstein

Celebrating 25-years of service:

Bill Kovarik
Reginald Shareef

Celebrating 20-years of service:

Tod Burke 
Sharon Roger Hepburn

Celebrating 15-years of service:

Laurie Cubbison
Kurt Gingrich
Lucy Hochstein
Steve Owen

Celebrating 10-years of service:

Stacey Griffin
Egan Green
Betty Kennan
Mark Munzinger
Roby Page
Jenessa Steele
Carter Turner

Celebrating 5-years of service:

Jay Caughron
Michele Ren

Apr 22, 2015
Jeanie Straw