Southern Regional Model United Nations

Radford Model UN

CHBS wants to congratulate Dr. Paige Tan and the members of the Radford Model UN on an excellent job at the Southern Regional Model United Nations.

Radford Model UN participants were: Thomas Creed, John Bimler (Club VP) , Mike Wilson (Club Secretary), Steven Lowery, Elliott Smith (new member), and Klement Camaj (Club President).

· Michael Wilson won Outstanding Delegate in the General Assembly Plenary, representing Spain and working on issues of Ebola and water access. There were more than sixty delegations on this committee.
· Steven Lowery won Outstanding Delegate in the League of Arab States, representing Oman and dealing with a variety of issues including Syria and ISIS. There were seventeen delegations on this committee.
· Klement Camaj received Honorable Delegate in the Interpol Committee, representing Spain and dealing with cybercrime and arms trafficking. There were more than sixty delegations on this committee. Honorable Delegate is the award directly below Outstanding.
· Klement Camaj, Mike Wilson, and Elliott Smith won a distinguished delegation award for representing Spain across their three committees. Elliott was Spain on the African Development Bank committee where he handled issues of African youth employment and intra-African trade.

We are so proud of all of your efforts. Congratulations on such an outstanding job!

Apr 22, 2015
Jeanie Straw