Appalachian Awareness Day 2014

Please come to any part of Appalachian Awareness Day, Friday February 21, 2014 from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (in 50-minute blocks) in the Bonnie Auditorium.

Appalachian Awareness Day is an annual event sponsored by the Radford University Appalachian Events Committee.

This year's theme for the day is "Appalachian Innovation".  There is  more information in the Applachian Awareness Day flyer.

Two Scholar-Citizen Initiative (SCI) classes will begin the day at 10:00-10:50, presenting about:

1) An ongoing Center for Social and Cultural Research (CSCR) Project -- "Roots with Wings at Floyd County High School that students might be interested in joining, and

2) the CSCR/Appalachian Regional Commission/SCI Appalachian Teaching Project research on agriculture developed with community partners in Floyd County.  

These SCI projects will represent Innovation in Education via Place-Based Education. 

Students, faculty and staff are welcome to attend Appalachian Awareness Day.  The activities are set into 50 minute blocks to correspond with class times.  

Feb 10, 2014