Alumni Spotlight

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Corin Best

A Graduate of 2012, Corin Best majored in Interdisciplinary Studies and minored in Communitcations. Being apart of the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority, she loved Radford's tightknit community, open door policy of faculty and staff, and the many opportunities available to students.

IDSL opened the door for her to study what she loved, English and Special Education, along side Communications. While taking education classes she gained vauable skills such as public speaking, listening, and interacting with a variety of populations. She has been able to take theses skills and apply them to her work in the coorprate world.

Currently she is an Account Manager for Metro Systems Inc. in Alexandria, Virginia. She consults with many different government contractors and companies to fulfill their employment needs in the IT field.

Her advice for future and current students is to engage in extracurricular activites and master time management.

Dec 31, 2099