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Our Mission

The mission of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Lab is to engage students and faculty in addressing complex problems through humanities-informed interdisciplinary research, service, course work, exhibits, performances, and other programming.

Our Values

  • Creative problem solving requires a diversity of insights, experiences, backgrounds, and cultures.
  • The complex problems facing society require interdisciplinary solutions.
  • The humanities can be integrated into applied, and public-facing, approaches to problem solving.
  • The methods and theories employed by the humanities provide important tools that help address complex problems.

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Dr. Paul Thomas, Director 

In addition to being the director of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Lab, Dr. Paul Thomas is professor of religious studies and chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. A strong advocate for the humanities, Dr. Thomas was educated in an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program where he combined the disciplines of religious studies and history. His commitment to interdisciplinarity led him to direct the Interdisciplinary Studies in Liberal Arts Program (2015-2017) and has now led him to the directorship of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Lab.