Career Resources

So what do I do with a history major?  That is the question most frequently asked by students who are considering the study of history.  The short answer:  Anything that you want to do!  Often people believe that the study of history is a teacher preparation program, and that is all.  History majors do become teachers, but they also become journalists, lawyers, bankers, public relations specialists, web designers, intelligence analysts, librarians, foreign service officers, museum curators, stock brokers, park rangers...and the list goes on.  The point is that history provides students with universal skills.  History majors hone the ability to ask probing questions, think analytically, and express themselves well--both in writing and orally.  Business, banks, tech firms all need people with such skills.  In short, history majors give themselves options, and, as a result, people who were history majors make the same amount at mid-career as people who were business majors.

Below is a list of web sites that provide career guidance for history majors.