Applied History Minor


Coming soon to a history classroom near you! Beginning in fall 2022, the Applied History Minor will introduce students to the skills required for a variety of professions related to the practice of history. With an Applied History Minor, students can also fulfill the "L" area of the REAL program.

This minor will be 15 credit hours and will help prepare students for work in museums, archives, historical sites, public agencies, and business. Students will gain a grounding in history through public history and digital archives programs and, then, through electives from a variety of disciplines can customize the skillset that they wish to develop.

Students who want to pursue Digital History will gain stepping stones to do so through the Applied History Minor. Digital History is a growing field that taps rapid advances in computing, software, and telecommunications to develop fresh perspectives on the past. GIS, 3-D imaging, data analysis, document capture technologies, and online communications open a gateway to vocations in web design, analytics, and GIS visualization.

Requirements for the Applied History Minor:


Students take two of the following three courses, earning at least six credits:

  • HIST 400: Digital Archives, 3 credits
  • HIST 405: Public History, 3 credits
  • HIST 490: Internship, 1-15 credit(s)


Students take three of the following courses, earning at least nine credits, at least three of which must be coureses designated "L."

  • HIST 295 Historians Craft (L)
  • HIST 400: Digital Archives (L) – unless taken above
  • HIST 405: Public History (L) – unless taken above
  • HIST 490 Internship (L) – unless taken above
  • COMS 146 Media Production I (L)
  • COMS 226 Digital Imaging
  • COMS 236 Publication Planning and Design OR ENGL 308: Professional Writing Technologies
  • GEOS 125 Intro to Geospatial Data (L)
  • GEOS 250 Introduction to GIS (L) or ITEC 250 Introduction to GIS
  • ARTH 401 Museum Studies I (L)
  • ARTH 430 Museum Studies II (L)
  • ARTG 280 Intro to Graphic Design
  • DSNI 350 History of Interiors I
  • DSNI 355 History of Interiors II