About the Department

The Department of History offers preparation for teachers of history in the public schools and for students who want a well-rounded liberal arts education as a background for a wide range of future careers.

History majors may earn either a Bachelor of Science degree or a Bachelor of Arts degree.  The Bachelor of Science degree prepares the student for careers in business, law, or government.  The Bachelor of Arts degree prepares the student for similar careers and is recommended for students planning graduate work in history or related fields of study.  Careful planning of the undergraduate program, with supplementary courses in other fields, can equip the student for future positions in libraries, museums, archives, or similar institutions and for research-oriented occupations.

The department also offers basic courses in American and world history to meet core education requirements as well as supplementary courses of general interest for non-majors, including American and non-American history courses in regional and national history, politicial/social/military history, public history, and ethnic/gender history.

A digital history project is underway in which students are transcribing the records of the Botetourt County Courthouse.   Click on the following link to view the web site for this project: Botetourt Courthouse Project.