Sharon Roger Hepburn Set To Publish New Book

Sharon A. Roger Hepburn

Professor Sharon A. Roger Hepburn, chair of the Department of History, is looking forward to the publication of Private No More: The Civil War Letters of John Lovejoy Murray. This book is part of a series published by the University of Georgia Press,  New Perspectives on the Civil War Era. This collection of letters contains insights into the experiences of an African American soldier and his regiment during the American Civil War. Murray was a private in the 102nd USCT who served until his death in April 1865. His letters provide a window into the war through the experiences of a literate Northern African American soldier. The book is forthcoming in spring 2023.

Roger Hepburn completed work on the manuscript as a Dalton Eminent Scholar at Radford University. The Dalton award recognizes faculty members who have distingushed themselves in the scholarship of their field and supports their continued research. Private No More is only the most recent contribution that Roger Hepburn as made to African American history. Her first book, Crossing the Border: A Free Black Community in Canada, won the Albert B. Corey Prize from the American Historical Association and the Canadian Historical Association for the best book on Canadian-American relations, or on the history of both countries. 

Oct 25, 2022
Matthew Oyos