Department of History Celebrates 2020 Graduates

The Department of History is proud to announce the graduation of 23 of its majors.  COVID-19 disrupted the final weeks of these students' studies but did deter them from reaching their academic goals.  They may not have been able to toss their mortarboards together, but the faculty members of the Department of History who had the honor of being with them in the classroom wish to honor their accomplishment and wish them well on their future endeavors.


Jenna L. Bareford
Joshua L. Blumhagen
Rachael M. Cahoon
Lucas B. Carr
Ethan D. Duckworth
Adam Gore
Alexander B. Jackson
Alexander K. Labell
Cassidy R. Leonard
Kathleen S. Matthews
Samuel K. McFadden
Danielle M. Miles
Alyssa R. Musick
Alexander M. Neishell
Brandon M. Ray
Brandon T. Reed
Johnathan A. Sebree
Matthew F. Shipp
Trey M. Smith
Rebekah K. Solee
Jordan R. Steele
Colin P. Tucker
Samuel R. Vaughan

May 21, 2020
Sharon Roger Hepburn