History Paper Prize

The History Department recognizes the best papers produced by an undergraduate history major during an academic year.  The winning papers represent excellence in undergraduate scholarship.  They are superior in writing and research, and demonstrate a in-indepth understanding of the subject matter.

The History Department resumed the granting of this award in 2015 over ten years of the contest being in abeyance.   A copy of the first place paper is available in the History Paper Prize Archive

  • 2022 No Prize Awarded.
  • 2021 Emily Mancini, "Penicillin: the Commodification of Medication, and World War II."
  • 2020 Danielle Walls, "Trauma Management and the Troubles: The Significance of the Royal Victoria Hospital."
  • 2019 Matthew Halberg, “Twenty-Five Years of Turmoil, Sacrifice, and Glory: A Condensed History of America’s Original Grand Social Revolution from 1763 to 1789.”
  • 2018 No Award Given
  • 2017 Kaleb Kahoon, "The Persecution of Homosexuals in Nazi Germany."
  • 2016 Denise Jenkins, "Bed, Bath, and Beyond: The Linen Trade and Tudor England."
  • 2015 Amy Walters, "The Role of the Lower Sort in the American Revolution."