The study of history unveils the complexity of human existence in the past and supplies insight into the present and future. History majors learn not just about the past and its relevance to today, but they also learn to think, write and speak analytically, skills that may be applied in many careers. We invite you to join us on this journey through time. Read more about the Department of History. »

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  1. Professor Richard Straw Leads Students on European Study Abroad Experience »


    Dr. Richard Straw led students during summer 2019 on a study abroad experience that took students to England, France, Belgium, and Germany.

  2. History Professor Receives Recognition »


    The College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences recognized the scholarly efforts of Dr. Matt Oyos at the start of the fall semester of 2019.

  3. Dean's Scholars »


    For the 2018-2019 academic year, the Department of History picked Kaitlyn Partanen (History) and Autumn Woodson (Social Science) for the Dean's Scholars awards.

  4. Ament Publishes Singing to Victory »


    Suzanne Ament has published a book on the power of song in the Soviet Union during World War II.  She explores how the anthems of that era helped propel the Soviet people to victory and left behind a signifcant cultural legacy.

  5. Digital History »


    A digital history program is underway in the Department of History with student researchers transcribing the records of the Botetourt County Courthouse and researching the 102nd United States Colored Troops during the Civil War.  Check out their work in these ongoing projects.

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