German Program

Why Study German?

  • Germany is the second largest exporting nation in the world, therefore German is a great choice for business. 
  • English and German are both Germanic languages, so German is easier to learn than you think.
  • About a fifth of Americans trace their ancestry to German-speaking countries, so get prepared to read your great-grandparents' letters.
  • Unlock the linguistic key to great works of writers and philosophers such as Kafka, Hesse, Nietzsche, and Freud.
  • German immigrants have made major contributions to American culture: thanks for the Kindergarten and the Tannenbaum!

Courses Offered

  • GRMN 100- Elementary German
  • GRMN 200- Intermediate German I
  • GRMN 210- Intermediate German II
  • GRMN 300- Readings in German
  • GRMN 301/302- German Grammar and Composition
  • GRMN 303- German Conversation
  • GRMN 304- German Culture
  • GRMN 450- Survey of German Literature
  • GRMN 460- Special Topics

Students minoring or majoring in German can also take Cross Cultural Studies (CCST) 110 Germanic Sagas & Myths. This class is taught in English and opened to all students. 

Course Rotation

German Long Term Schedule (updated Fall 2019)

FALL 2019 GRMN 100 GRMN 210 GRMN 30X
SPRING 2020 GRMN 200 GRMN 300B  
FALL 2020 GRMN 100 GRMN 210 GRMN 301
SPRING 2021 GRMN 200 GRMN 300A  
FALL 2021 GRMN 100 GRMN 210 GRMN 302
SPRING 2022 GRMN 200 GRMN 303  
FALL 2022 GRMN 100 GRMN 210 GRMN 304

This projection of course offerings is provided to students and their advisors to assist in schedule planning. Although the department will make every effort to offer courses as described herein, unforeseen circumstances may make an occasional modification necessary (for example, the unavailability of a qualified faculty member or the shortage of adjunct monies for our Critical Language Program).