Olga Martinez


It wasn’t just the beautiful campus of Radford University that caught Olga Martinez’s attention during her first visit in the winter of 2007; more importantly it was the offering of two varying academic programs – foreign languages and education – that drove her interest and ultimately her decision to apply for admission.

Martinez says, “When I stepped foot on campus for the first time, I felt like I had never left my home. I was comfortable and knew this is where I belonged.” Although Martinez is a double major, which she will admit takes focus and the support from professors to balance, she also believes in co-curricular activities.  Martinez is highly involved throughout campus in various student clubs and organizations and is always looking for new ways to strengthen her leadership skills.

“Being involved with organizations and helping others has given me the motivation to try and excel in everything I do. I've enjoyed taking advantage of the many different opportunities Radford has to offer,” Martinez says.

An example of some of those opportunities Martinez has been a part of includes, volunteering as a peer instructor for Radford University’s LEAD Scholar program, serving as a tutor in the Spanish department for the last three years, and even studying abroad during the summer of 2011 in Spain.

Thinking back about her time at Radford University, Martinez is proud of her choice to be so strongly engaged with her peers and throughout the campus community.

Upon receiving her degree, Martinez plans to attend graduate school and earn a master’s degree in education. “By declaring my major in education and foreign languages I have found my true passions,” Martinez says.