Dr. I-Ping Fu


Dr. I-Ping Fu 
Professor of Chinese
Email: ifu@radford.edu
Office: Hemphill Hall 4309       

Welcome to my page! I teach undergraduate Chinese language courses: CHNS 100, 200, 302, 303, and CHNS 310. I also teach cross-cultural courses in English, such as CCST 103 and CCST 320.

I take pride in my teaching, and I find it a very rewarding profession. I am genuinely excited about the Chinese language and culture. I try to convey my enthusiasm to my students by giving them various hands-on learning activities inside and outside the classroom, such as Calligraphy writing, Tea appreciation, etc. Every year, I hold campus-wide celebrations such as the Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival at Radford University so students and the community can experience the excitement of these two biggest Asian holidays on our beautiful campus.    

As a teacher, I aim to create an inviting and stimulating classroom environment where students form a learning community based on mutual respect. I see myself as a facilitator who guides students through the maze of understanding new language concepts and a new culture. I strive to help students make their learning experience more meaningful, personal, and professional.

Minors in Chinese Study broadens students’ understanding of diverse ideas, languages, products, or processes of humanistic inquiry or artistic expression and develops the basic skills of the second language learner to communicate more effectively with a broader array of individuals in the workplace and the global community. It is an essential value addition for careers such as arts, business, diplomacy, education, government or law, health care, social work, and political science. However, students in any field qualify for this minor by meeting the requirements.

Students seeking a Minor in Chinese Studies must complete 18 semester hours: 15 semester hours in Chinese, at least one course on the 300 level, and they must include CCST 103, which is taught in English. A minimum grade point average of 2.0 is required. The students choose 9 hours from each of the following two REAL letter groups:

E: CCST 103 (required), CHNS 302 (required), CHNS 303 (required), CCST 320 (NOT required) 

L: CHNS 100 (required), CHNS 200 (required), CHNS 310 (required).


  • CHNS 100: Elementary Chinese I (3 credits in the REAL Curriculum's L)
  • CHNS 200: Elementary Chinese II (3 credits in the REAL Curriculum's L)
  • CHNS 302: Intermediate Chinese I (3 credits in the REAL Curriculum's E)
  • CHNS 303: Intermediate Chinese II (3 credits in the REAL Curriculum's E)
  • CHNS 310: Transitional Mandarin Chinese Language and Culture (3 credits in the REAL Curriculum's L)
  • CCST 103: Trademarks of Chinese Culture (GE, 3 credits in the REAL Curriculum's E) – This course explores significant trademarks of Chinese culture and is taught in English. All Radford University students interested in Chinese culture are encouraged to enroll. Students are not required to know Mandarin Chinese to register for this class. The course will count in the Core Curriculum under College Core A - Global Perspectives and “E” credit in the REAL program.
  • CCST 320: Asian Cuisines and Cultures (3 credits in the REAL Curriculum's E) - Students will explore and learn a broad array of Asian cultures and express them through cooking that country’s typical cuisines with an understanding of their nutritional values. This course is designed to explore a variety of Asian cultures and improve students’ lives and the world around them. Emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches to equip students to explore new tastes for Asian cultural inquiries and their popular cuisines. Topics may include Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Thai, or Vietnamese cultures and their cuisine.


Chinese Club Advisor: I helped students establish the Chinese Club at Radford University. I work with students closely and help them plan events and fundraising activities.

Study Abroad Director: I plan, organize, coordinate, and lead students to Study Abroad in China and Taiwan every summer. Students can be Kirk Scholars and pay only 25% of the total cost for the 21 days of the trip and still be able to return to take Summer III classes. Students will receive four credits for the Study Abroad, for which the Kirk Scholarship pays the tuition.

Program Director of the Kirk Scholarship: I work with students and go to different classes to promote, identify, and encourage students to apply for the Kirk Scholarship every semester.

Undergraduate Research Advisor: I work with students on their research interests. Several pieces of research were presented at the Radford University campus and BigSURS.

Chinese Placement Testing Director: I assess students’ Chinese language ability and place them into the correct Chinese levels.


Chinese Language & Culture Instructor: I work for Virginia Tech’s TRIO Upward Bound Summer Programs.

Certified Chinese language consultant, educator, and language translator: I have done various translation work in Montgomery County Public Schools, Pulaski County Department of Social Services, Radford City Schools, Virginia court, hospitals, the health department at VT & RU, Women Resource Center, and businesses such as General Electric Company and Pulaski Furniture Company. During COVID-19, I even translated several documents from English to Chinese to help people understand the urgency of medical treatment.


  • PhD Curriculum and Instruction, School of Education, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA
  • MA in Public Administration, The University of Washington, Seattle, WA
  • BA in Social Welfare, The University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
  • Advanced Graduate Studies in School of Education, Stanford Teacher Education Program, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
  • Graduate Studies in Public Affairs, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Boston, MA