Dr. Blas Hernández


Associate Professor of Spanish
Advisor of Latino Student Alliance

Email: bhernandez@radford.edu
Phone: (540) 831-5234
Office: Hemphill Hall 4303   

PhD, Cornell University
MA and BA, University of California, Irvine

Born in Havana, Cuba, professor Hernández claims Santa Ana, California, as his American hometown, and street sweep on Main Street, Disneyland, as his first paying job. The professor earned his Ph. D. in Romance Language Studies from Cornell University in 1991. He has worked as an interpreter, translator, and TESOL instructor (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) while a professor of Spanish. Professor Hernández has lectured on Amazonian, or “jungle,” narratives, detective fiction writing, the Mexican Revolution, El Cid in the times of the Reconquista and medieval Spain, on the remarkable adventures of Don Quijote and the Spanish Golden Age, and publishes mainly on detective and mystery fiction from the Spanish – speaking world. Professor Hernández is Director of the Foreign Language Lab, where he is a vocational trainer for those wishing the experience of leading language – learning sessions for other students, and the Coordinator of the Licensure Program, in collaboration with the School of Education. He is Director of Study Abroad, Spain, and leads summer programs with daily classes and homestays for intensive language learning, in collaboration with Estudio Sampere, Madrid, and the Office of Global Education and Engagement at Radford University.