English Education Concentration

English majors have the option of pursuing a concentration in English Education, which leads to licensure for teaching English in grades 6-12.

The English Education concentration requires the following courses:

  • ENGL 402 - Teaching Writing: Theories and Practices
  • ENGL 425 - The Study of Adolescent Literature
  • ENGL 423 - Teaching Reading
  • One additional 300- or 400-level course with ENGL prefix.

English majors who wish to earn licensure to teach English must take ENGL 463 to fulfill the language study requirement. They also must take ENGL 428 concurrently with student teaching. This counts as part of the professional education core but not as part of the major. To be licensed, a student must also take one of the following: COMS 114 - Public Speaking; COMS 330 - Communication Theory; or COMS 240 - Teamwork and Communication. In addition, appropriate courses in education must be taken. Contact an English Education advisor for information about these courses.