English Education Concentration

English majors have the option of pursuing a concentration in English Education, which leads to licensure for teaching English in grades 6-12.

The English Education concentration requires the following courses:

  •     ENGL 402 - Teaching Writing: Theories and Practices
  •     ENGL 425 - The Study of Adolescent Literature
  •     ENGL 423 - Teaching Reading
  •     ENGL 463 - Grammar and Language for Teachers (this fulfills the language study requirement)
  •     ENGL 428 - Planning and Teaching Seminar (professional education course)     
  •     One additional 300- or 400-level course with ENGL prefix.

English Education concentration students will add the Education minor to their REAL curriculum menu. To be licensed, a student must also take one of the following: COMS 114 - Public Speaking; COMS 330 - Communication Theory; or COMS 240 - Teamwork and Communication.

Please contact Dr. Paige Horst (phorst@radford.edu) for more information.