Undergraduate Programs

Majors in English

The Department of English offers a number of academic programs for undergraduates. Students who major in English can earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS).

Concentrations for English Majors

English majors also may elect to earn a concentration. The English major with and without a concentration require the same number of credits. Majors who pursue one of the concentrations dedicate their elective credits within the major to a particular disciplinary track. Concentrations are available in:

  • Creative Writing
  • English Education (which results in teacher licensure for grades 6-12)
  • Professional Writing

Minors for Students in Other Disciplines

In addition to providing a number of options for majors, the Department of English offers programs for students who are majoring in disciplines other than English. Students can earn a minor in:

  • English
  • Creative Writing
  • Professional Writing
  • Health Humanities