Justine Jackson Stone


Justine Jackson Stone earned her MA in English and a BS in English with a minor in Media Studies at Radford University. She is a mentor in the Graduate Teaching Assistant/Fellow Program. Her primary teaching interests are composition writing, creative writing, and American literary history. For three years she served as the editor-in-chief of Exit 109, Radford University’s literary arts magazine. 

Justine was the 2021 keynote speaker at the Humanities and Technology Conference: Crafting and Investing Narrative in a Technological Age. Her keynote “Enhancing Digital Learning: Utilizing Technology in the Composition, Literature, and Creative Writing Classrooms” examined how technology and creative assignments can deepen student learning. She encourages all instructors to infuse creativity into their pedagogical practices and offer more creative opportunities to students. 

Justine has presented at several conferences, including the Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association Conference, the UNC Charlotte Conference on Writing Studies, and the Innovative Teaching & Learning Conference. Past presentations included Using Animation as a Critical Tool in the Composition Classroom, Encouraging Interdisciplinary Critical Thinking using Exploratory Writing, and The Risks and Rewards of Vulnerability in the Composition Classroom. In addition to her academic conferences, Justine has presented as a panelist at NC Comicon.  

Her creative work has appeared in Artemis and Spells and Skulls: A Queer Horror Anthology.