Health Humanities at Radford University

The health humanities is the interdisciplinary study of the lived experience of illness, caretaking, and disability. It is a vibrant, thriving discipline that engages students and professionals both within and outside of the health sciences and at all levels of study. The health humanities enables all individuals, regardless of career interest, to develop widely applicable skills and habits of mind. 

Radford's Health Humanities minor is especially designed to help undergraduate students become more aware, empathetic, and justice-minded in their professional and personal lives. Read more about the Health Humanities minor and the other ways the health humanities is taking shape at Radford. 

Undergraduate Minor in the Health Humanities

The health humanities minor enables all Radford undergraduate students, no matter their campus of enrollment or desired career path, to study the lived experience of illness, medicine, disability, and caretaking. 

    Pathway for the "E" Area in REAL

    The Health Humanities minor fulfills the "E" Area ("Humanistic and Artistic Expression") of the REAL General Education Curriculum. Learn more about the academic requirements of the Health Humanities below:

    Pathway Prior to REAL

    Undergraduates who are not participating in the REAL General Education Curriculum also can pursue the health humanities minor. (Typically, these students began their studies at Radford during academic year 2020-2021.) Learn learn more about the requirements of the health humanities minor prior to REAL

    Health Humanities Program Coordinators

    To learn more about the Health Humanities minor, please contact one of the program coordinators below: