Criminal Justice Undergraduate Major

Declaring a Criminal Justice Major

To declare a criminal justice major, complete the Declaration of Major form from the Registrar and bring it to the Criminal Justice Department office.

Criminal Justice Degree Requirements


Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Transfer Students

Criminal justice courses offered by community colleges or other accredited institutions may substitute for various courses in the Criminal Justice major at Radford University.  For further information about transferring into the Criminal Justice program, consult the Office of Admissions

Also note the following Radford University policies.  No fewer than 30 semester hours must be earned at Radford University to be eligible for graduation.  In addition, 50 percent of the semester hours required for a major or minor (as defined by the department) must be taken at Radford University and no more than six (6) credit hours of Independent Study coursework can be used toward graduation requirements.   

Graduation Requirements

To graduate with a major in criminal justice, students must have completed the requirements listed above.  In addition, students must have completed 120 credit hours. Finally, students must have an overall grade point average of 2.0 or higher and a grade point average of 2.0 or higher in all courses with a CRJU prefix (also, as described in section 3b above, criminal justice majors must earn a grade of "C" or higher in all courses with a CRJU prefix).
Students must submit an application for graduation, generally in the semester prior to their anticipated graduation.  Further information about application for graduation is available from the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences Advising Center.

Radford University Undergraduate Catalog

Please review the information about the Criminal Justice major presented in your undergraduate catalog, for your appropriate catalog year. While the following information is provided for reference, the official statement of undergraduate policies and curricula are contained in the Radford University Undergraduate Catalog (available online). Please review the catalog (for your catalog year!) and become familiar with its provisions!