Tenth Annual Radford University Interdisciplinary Ethics Panel

Ethics panel
From left: Derek Lau, President Radford University Criminal Justice Club, Lucy Edwards Hochstein, Department of Criminal Justice, Joseph Boisineau (retired), Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs, Sharon Hartline, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Joseph Staniunas, Jr., School of Communication, David vom Lehm, Criminal Justice student, Tyler Francis, Economics student, Virginia Burggraf, School of Nursing, Kiertisak Toh, Department of Econmics.

"Doing the Right Thing:  Ethics-Who Needs It?"  Tenth Annual Radford University Interdisciplinary Ethics Panel, Nov. 11, 2015. Hurlburt Student Center Auditorium. Sponsored by the Radford University Criminal Justice Club

The Radford University Interdisciplinary Ethics Panel was created by Criminal Justice Professor Lucy Edwards Hochstein in 2005 to promote dialogues about ethics across Radford University disciplines and show the ethical foundations and expectations of ethical behavior common to all academic disciplines and practitioners. Previous panel topics have included: personal privacy and identity theft, the Affordable Care Act versus Obama Care, inequality in America, and workplace bullying.

Jun 29, 2016
Eric Snow