DUI carts on campus


On April 6, 2016, Alpha Phi Sigma, the National Criminal Justice Honor Society, in conjunction with the Department of Criminal Justice, hosted the Virginia Tech Police Department’s Fermented 500 Drunk Goggle Carts Program on the patio outside the Bonnie.  The event was a fundraiser for Alpha Phi Sigma and a community service event that gave students an opportunity to experience the effects of alcohol on their driving in a safe environment.  Each participant identified a fact they didn't know about drunk driving from an information chart provided by VTPD.

Students in CRJU490 - Accident Investigation also used the carts as part of their unit on impaired driving and the factors related to DUI crash investigation.  The students, who'd previously learned about field sobriety tests, were able to evaluate each other for impairment.

Thanks to Virginia Tech Police Department and Radford University Police Department for asssiting with the event.  Additional photos can be found on our Facebook page.

Apr 6, 2016
Eric Snow