Criminal Justice students complete Honors Academy research projects

Dr. Maggie Pate and students, Cassidy Funk and Sarina Eames, before the presentation.

            Two Department of Criminal Justice students, Sarina Eames and Cassidy Funk, recently completed and presented their Honors Academy capstone research.  The students and Dr. Maggie Pate, their faculty mentor, conducted research on perceptions of sexual assault, which is a significant issue on college campuses.  Both students participated in a full board Institutional Research Board (IRB) review of their proposed project before the research was conducted.

Cassidy’s project, “Perceptions of Sexual Assault among College Students”, included a scenario based survey distributed to 200 Radford University students who were primarily Criminal Justice or Sociology majors.  Participants were randomly given one of four scenarios, including a sketch of the scene, and asked to determine if the event was a sexual assault or not.  The scenarios varied by sexual orientation, relationship between those involved and alcohol consumption.

Sarina’s project, “Perceptions of Sexual Assault among Investigators”, included interviews with investigators from the Radford and Roanoke Police Departments.  The two departments were selected to evaluate the perceptions of a college town department (Radford Police) and a non-college town department (Roanoke Police).  The specific issues addressed were the difference in the number of sexual assaults investigated between the departments, the specific perception of the investigations between the departments and how the cases were handled between the departments.

Additional information about the Honors Academy is located on their website.

Nov 18, 2015
Department of Criminal Justice