Radford University ranks as a top journalism school

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Radford University ranks as a top journalism school in the nation

By Brittani Tuttle

When it comes to students heading off to college, picking the best school for their intended major is crucial. All students want to be in the best programs, with the best professors and the best tools and opportunities available in order to give them the best advantage toward their futures.

Having been educated by an acclaimed program and receiving a degree from a top school is ideal. Radford University, home of the School of Communication, is now nationally ranked as one of those schools.

On Sept. 28, USA Today reported that College Factual, a data collection organization, analyzed colleges across the country and compiled a list of the top 182 journalism schools in the country. The schools were ranked according to various factors, such as annual number of graduates, percentage of total graduates in the journalism field, and salary estimates once out of college.

Radford ranked at 87, but is ranked fourth in the entire state of Virginia, which is an incredible accomplishment in itself.

Radford’s journalism program was examined with multiple factors related to what makes a collegiate program great, including awarding of degrees in person versus online; the domestic ethnicity of those 164 students who received journalism degrees in 2012-2013, which was found to be predominantly white students; as well as the estimated starting and mid-career salaries for those who have graduated from Radford’s journalism program.

“I think the School of Communication here at Radford deserves both of those [rankings] […] they have made it so personal for me to find my passion in writing. I am beyond proud to call myself a journalism major here because of how professional the program is,” said Hailey Wilt, a junior.

With the progress being made toward the new College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences building on campus, there is no limit to how much higher the School of Communication can climb in the ranks. The future is looking bright for Radford’s School of Communication, and its progress in the field is not going without notice.

Nov 5, 2015
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