Turner leads Study Abroad

photo of Dr. Matthew Turner

Dr. Matthew Turner leads students across the pond for study abroad

By Brittani Tuttle

This summer’s upcoming study abroad trip for students of the School of Communication promises to be an exciting one.

Dr. Matthew Turner, the interim director, plans to take students across the pond to London this summer for three weeks, while also making stops in Paris or possibly Geneva.

“We’ve been going to London since 2005, I think, on and off. We’ve been switching off the past couple of years between New Zealand and London,” said Turner.

In descriptions of previous trips, this study abroad adventure has been described as an “unparalleled opportunity for students to be exposed not only to foreign cultures and communication, but also to professional media persons and organizations in one of the world’s most international cities.”

In the past, this trip has included many golden opportunities that not every student gets to have, like making a visit to the BBC world headquarters, tours of London’s historical landmarks like Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London, museum tours, performances at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and more.

While on the trip, students can take one of two courses related to the program, or choose to do an independent study.

“We actually offer a few options, the most common are taking the usual classes, like ‘Media & Society,’ and ‘Intercultural & International Communication.’ You can take one, you can take both, it’s completely up to the students how much credit they want or need,” Turner explained.

Students will also have the opportunity to complete an internship for credit while in London if they choose, in addition to taking the trip itself.

“It’s an add-on to the program,” said Turner. “You would go do the program with all the other students, [and] once everybody else leaves [London], the interns start going to work and they live and work in London for the next three weeks. We’ve had people do business internships. We’ve had people in PR firms, we’ve had people in art galleries, film studios, production companies, television studios, advertising agencies, newspapers, kind of the whole range.”

One factor that might be an issue for students looking to go on the study abroad trip, however, is the cost.

“We haven’t heard back from our [travel] provider, but there are lots of factors involved. The program cost is estimated at about $4,000 without the internship, $5,500 including the internship, and the main difference there is housing,” said Turner when asked about the cost of the trip.

However, there are financial aid opportunities and scholarships available to make the trip more affordable for students. Students simply need to apply once they have applied to go on the trip to be considered.

“It is expensive, there is no two ways around that,” said Turner about the high cost of the trip. “I will tell you, I’ve never had anybody afterwards say ‘I wish I hadn’t gone, it was too expensive.’”

Despite the price tag, this trip promises to truly be an adventure for students and an academic experience that will be impossible to forget.

Oct 14, 2015
School of Communication