New Associate Professor

profile photo of Scott Dunn

Dunn earns tenure and promotion

By Matthew Perry

Dr. Scott Dunn earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Virginia Tech, his doctorate from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and has now earned the title of associate professor at Radford University.

Noting how he felt about earning tenure and promotion, Dunn said it was validating to be promoted to associate professor.

Where research is concerned, Dunn has collaborated with both colleagues and students.

“I worked with Professor (James) Collier, as well as two of our grad students a few years ago on a project looking at Political Information Efficacy,” said Dunn. PIE’s goal is to measure how confident people feel when participating in the political process.

Dunn also said that his scholarship on the 2013 Governor’s race will be published in Communication Quarterly later this year.

In teaching, Dunn teaches among other courses, a communication theory class at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  He has also been preoccupied with student retention, particularly in his Intro to Communications class, which has over 190 students. Half of the students in that class are freshmen.

“So as a teacher teaching that class I’m trying to be more aware that for a lot of them that can be very scary,” Dunn said. “Particularly for those who are first generation college students.”

Dunn notes that he is not only teaching them about communications but also about how to become a successful college student. In this regard, Dunn also helps out with UNIV 100.

Over the summer, Dunn worked closely with high school students enrolled in Radford University’s Governor’s School. Among the projects the high school students worked on included trying to get the younger population more involved with politics.

“Some of them pushed actual policy proposals like lowering the voting age to 16, others did skits or things that were a little more light-hearted and kind of fun,” Dunn said.

When he is not working on research or teaching, Dunn enjoys music. He plays guitar and was in a band.

“I used to play in a band and we actually played at the Floyd Country Store a few Friday nights,” Dunn said.

Dunn has been at Radford University for six years and plans on being here another six to become a full professor. The next six years will come with hours in the library on the fourth floor doing research. Dunn enjoys Radford, and Radford is glad that he decided to become a Highlander. 

Oct 20, 2015
School of Communication