New Administrative Assistant for COMS

photo of Ann Marie Cox

SOC gets a new administrative assistant

By Alex Pistole

This year the School of Communication has a new administrative assistant, Ann Marie Cox. Her office is already set up and running smoothly and she reports to the Interim Director, Dr. Matthew Turner.

Cox always keeps her door open from 8 am to 5pm, five days a week, and is happy to get to know the students and faculty of the department. This is far from her first job at the university, but it is her first chance to work with students, a prospect she’s excited about.

“Everyone’s been very friendly, they’re all very happy to have me because they’ve been without anyone for a couple of months,” she says of her first two weeks in her new position.

She began working at Radford in 2011, as an executive assistant in the president’s office. Later her position was moved to the Office of Policy Compliance. Both positions allowed her to gain a valuable understanding of policy coordination, finance and administration, making her a perfect fit for the newly open position in the School of Communication. The previous administrative assistant, Stacie Whitlock, has moved to the psychology department.

Aside from a keen understanding of administration, Cox also has a history in communications. Growing up in New York State, with a father in the Air Force, she ended up spending her college years in the U.K. She received a bachelor’s degree in communications studies from what is now the University of South Wales. She doesn’t have the accent, but she does have fond memories of working for the university newspaper as an editor and reporter.

Cox said her duties mainly include administrative tasks like filing paper work and managing the department’s budget and purchase orders, but her favorite part of the job so far is working with the work-study students.

“I’ll have five (students) to work in this office, and then hopefully another 12 in the equipment office,” she explains. Last year, the equipment office in Porterfield was chronically short staffed, but Cox says this year it will be more organized and running smoothly as soon as she can find some students who are interested in working there.

The other big project she will be facing is to prepare the School of Communication for the move to the new CHBS building, anticipated to be occurring over the next summer. Cox will be handling the logistics of the move, making sure everything is packed up and ready to go, and helping all the faculty get settled into brand new offices.

In the near future she will also be taking on some of the responsibilities of helping students add, drop, or switch classes within the department. For now, though, she is settling in nicely and looking forward to the coming months.

Oct 5, 2015
School of Communication