Briana Davis, School of Communication 2015 Convocation

Briana Davis, School of Communication 2015 Convocation Speaker

Photo of Briana Davis
Briana Davis spoke at the 2015 Convocation for the School of Commuincation

By Erin Bailey

Briana Davis, a junior majoring in communication studies, made an impact on students with an interactive speech at the fall the convocation.

Davis said she was first interested in auditioning to give a speech at convocation when her professor asked her class, “Who wants to make five hundred dollars?” She immediately expressed interest and then went to New Student Programs on campus in Walker Hall to sign up for the audition.

“We had about three minutes to show what we would say to excite the class of 2019. So I auditioned, I left, and they called me back two days later,“ Davis explained.

Davis would like to take her communication degree and become a life coach. She plans on writing books, while traveling across the country and speaking to college students at their convocations and graduations.

“This convocation was the biggest crowd I have spoken to and after that I was like yeah I can do this for a living,” Davis said. 

There were around 2,000 people in the audience when she gave her speech and because all those people couldn’t fit in one room, they streamed the live video of her in two other buildings on campus.

“The demonstration I did in my speech is really what got me picked and I wrote it once and then wrote it again and again. I wrote it around 500 times but it took me about 20 minutes the last time I wrote it and I was like ‘this is it, this is the one I’m going to give.’”

During the speech, she put a piece of paper high up on the wall and asked for a volunteer. When the student came up she asked them to try to reach the paper and explained that the paper represented their highest peak.

“Then I took a twenty dollar bill out of my pocket and put it above the first piece of paper and said ‘if you can reach up and get that you can have it’ and when they did they went back to their seat and I explained that greatness is about perseverance. It’s about reaching past your highest peak.”

Freshman, Kelly Burgess attended convocation and said the speech really stood out to her. “I really enjoyed Briana’s speech because what she was telling us about persevering is important in a new place like when you get to college. Everything is so new and lots of us get frustrated but we must persevere in order to succeed during these 4 years.”

Davis not only made $500, she realized what she really wants to do for a career and she made a strong, positive impact on Radford’s class of 2019.

Oct 2, 2015
School of Communication