Video Editing Suite

Dr. West Bowers in classroom

By Kevon DuPree

The new video editing suite, located on the first floor of the new College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences (CHBS) building, features state-of-the-art technology that students are able to utilize.

The suite is accessible only to students who are enrolled in certain communication courses. However, students working on video projects outside of the School of Communication can be granted permission, by faculty, to use the space when needed. For the students’ convenience, the suite’s hours of operation run concurrent with the rest of the building’s hours.

The suite has 10 separate editing spaces, each equipped with an Apple Mac Pro Desktop Computer, as well as an LG-Sony dual-monitor system, which makes editing video much easier than before.

Dr. West Bowers, an assistant professor in the School of Communication, will be teaching most of his courses in the new editing suite and is very satisfied with the space. “I’m excited! This suite gives students the chance to work with equipment that is at, or above, the professional level.”

One feature Bowers and his colleagues think will really benefit students is the network storage system. “The great thing about network storage is that students won’t be confined to one editing space. They can save their work to the network storage system and pick right up where they left off from any other space within the suite,” Bowers explained. This will allow students to decrease the amount of time it takes to edit their video projects.

The decision on what type of technology would go into the suite was a collaborative effort. The individuals involved in making the final decisions include CHBS Dean Kate Hawkins, Director of the School of Communication Matthew Smith, and Associate Vice President for Information Technology Ed Oakes. Overall, there is approximately $73,000 worth of technology in the new suite.

In addition to having the most up-to-date technology, the new video editing suite also provides students the opportunity to use the latest editing software. The two programs used are AVID Media Composer and Adobe Premier, which is the same editing software used by most large-scale production companies.

The School of Communication is committed to making sure it’s students are successful once they enter the working world. The creation of advanced learning spaces such as the new video editing suite certainly reaffirms that commitment. 

Sep 20, 2016
School of Communication